How it works.

Viesus intelligently analyses images and uses the results to apply enhancements all at once, in a blink of an eye.

Taking a closer look.

Using AI image processing, the advanced algorithm of Viesus™ detects skin, sky, and vegetation for specific enhancements. The algorithm enhances each part of the image separately, based on the content and conditions. Together with the general enhancement, the final high-quality result comes out realistic and satisfying. Every photo is unique. And we treat it that way.

Enhancing. Just right.

After analyzing photos, the enhancement starts. But we don’t over-enhance images. We want your photos to reflect reality, not trickery. So Viesus improves your images just right.

AI based image understanding

We trained Viesus to analyze the conditions of a photo. Specifically, we analyze persons, sky, vegetation, and the setting (e.g. indoor photo). We have a very reliable red-eye correction due to the use of modern techniques such as machine learning and AI. The analysis determines for example the skin tone of the person in the photo. This image analysis is input for the subsequent enhancement steps of Viesus™.

Global brightness and color correction

The classical correction of images with over-and underexposures as well as color casts on the whole image.

Local corrections

Applying local corrections where needed, based on what the algorithm detected in the image. Viesus™ applies local corrections for color, highlights, shadows, and sharpening.

Skin tone correction

This feature allows an automated desaturation of oversaturated faces caused by poor lighting or setting. Viesus™ adjust the skin tone until it looks natural, in correspondence with the whole photo.

Creative control.

You can create different profiles with parameter settings that allow you to adapt the enhancement for your purpose. Each destination of the photo may need different enhancements, e.g. for photo paper, digital print, screen, or canvas. Out of the box, Viesus has a default profile, but in the end, you are in control.

Your photos. With a touch of Viesus.

Global corrections

The classical correction of the whole image all at once! Global brightness and contrast correction takes care of over-or underexposed photos and ensures the details are not lost. Global color correction controls the color balance and color casts of the whole image. Finally, the sharpness of the entire photo is increased with the global sharpness feature.

Local corrections

Local corrections are applied to each area precisely based on the Viesus image understanding algorithm.

Skin tone correction

skin tone correction allows an automated desaturation of oversaturated faces caused by poor lighting or setting. Oversaturation of the skin looks unnatural and may hide the details of the face. Viesus adjusts the skin tone until it is natural and in harmony with the whole image.

Sky and vegetation correction

The sky is mostly over-exposed while vegetation elements look dull. Viesus corrects and brings in the best balance back in the photo.

Color correction

The color corrections make the photo spark again as it was meant to be. Viesus enhances the colors in a natural way.

Technical specs.

File formats


Viesus™ warns when opening an already enhanced image.

Creative control

Enhancement parameter values

Viesus comes with the "Default" enhancement parameter values which are the better practices recommended by us.

Depending on the purpose, Viesus can handle different presets with enhancement parameter values to support your dynamic workflow. For example: preset for stronger color enhancement, or preset for canvas printing, etc. - the options are endless and up to you.

The following parameters are available:

  • Global Corrections for Brightness, Color, Sharpening and Contrast
  • Local Corrections for Color, Highlights, Shadows and Sharpening
  • Redeye Correction Mode
  • Noise Reduction Mode
  • Noise Addition Mode
  • Local Skin, Sky and Vegetation Corrections
  • Skin-Tone Recovery Mode
  • ICC Outprofile Mode
  • DPI Resolution Save Mode
  • Jpeg Compression Quality
  • Resize Mode
  • Resize Factor
  • Artificial Images Skip Mode

Artificial Images

Drawings, graphical art, etc.

Specify in Viesus™ what is done with images that are detected as ‘artificial’, that is, manually created images that contain drawings, graphical art, text, or images within colored frames and the like. This feature is useful to avoid disturbing artifacts on images which are not supposed to be modified or enhanced.

Color management

ICC profiles

The vast majority of consumer images today come in sRGB color space. However, some Viesus™ customers prefer to work with specific color spaces such as AdobeRGB, etc. Viesus™ can handle different color spaces defined either as embedded profiles or external ICC profiles.

When no input profile is embedded, Viesus™ assumes the image color space to be:

  • sRGB for RGB images
  • ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) for CMYK images
  • Dot Gain 15% for grayscale images

As output color space of the enhanced images Viesus™ allows different options

  • Transform to sRGB
  • Keep the input color space
  • Transform to a specific output color space

Your images, better. Ready to get started?