Fiery JobFlow with Viesus Cloud integration

Welcome to this page dedicated to explaining the integration of Viesus™ Cloud with Fiery® JobFlow™.

What is Fiery JobFlow?
Fiery JobFlow automates tedious and time-consuming job preparation steps in prepress workflows to produce ready-to-print files. This easy-to-use print workflow automation software increases productivity and reduces costs.

What is Viesus Cloud?
Viesus Cloud is the cloud-based version of the Viesus image enhancement software. It allows users to access the software and its capabilities through a webapp or API. With Viesus Cloud, there is no need to purchase expensive graphic cards as the software is hosted on remote servers and the necessary computational power is provided by the cloud.

Why is the AI Upscaling important?
AI Upscaling integration from Viesus Cloud is important because it uses super resolution and face reconstruction algorithms for incredible upscaling quality results for printed materials. Additionally, it uses advanced AI algorithms to improve the image quality of low-resolution images in a way that may not be possible with traditional upscaling methods.

Can I try the Viesus Cloud integration in Fiery JobFlow?
Yes! Sign up for a free trial:

  • First, create a Viesus Cloud account.
  • Then click “Get started!” Navigate to the API tab on the left and copy the API key – this will used to connect Fiery JobFlow and Viesus Cloud.
  • In Fiery JobFlow, go to the Settings menu and navigate to Services. Enter your API key in the field under AI Image Scale settings (see screenshot below).
  • Once the integration is set up, you will be able to start using the Viesus Cloud AI Upscaling feature when you add the AI Image Scale module in a Fiery JobFlow workflow.
  • Try uploading an image to test it out, you get 50 free credits for free.

Requires Fiery JobFlow version 2.9 or later.

Watch how to signup and get a free trial of Viesus Cloud within 30 seconds.
Enter the Viesus Cloud API key in Fiery JobFlow under Settings, then Services

How does the pricing work?
Each service on our platform is priced in credits.

  • 1 credit is charged for the basic "Image Enhance"
  • 4 credits are charged for the advanced “AI Upscaling” or “Artifacts Removal”.
    • Please note, we do not cumulatively charge for multiple advanced services, so if you choose to use both “AI Upscaling” and “Artifacts Removal”, the total cost is 4 credits. Additionally, the “Image Enhance” and "Enhance Face Details" feature is included in the "AI Upscaling" service and will not incur any additional credits; for a maximum of 4 credits per image.

Click here for more information about pricing.

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