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How to install VIESUS™ Plug-In for Photoshop?

How to activate the VIESUS™ Plug-In Trial License?

I have a license code for the VIESUS™ Plug-in. How to activate the License Code?



Follow the steps of the installer packages until it is complete. Start Photoshop, open an image and you will find  VIESUS™ in your Filter menu. On your first run, you have to activate the trial license or enter the license code.


Trial activation

To start your trial period you need an internet connection. Start Photoshop and open an image. After starting the VIESUS™ filter a pop-up window is opened where you can activate your trial period.  


License Activation

To activate your full license you need an internet connection. Start Photoshop and choose from the Help menu - About Plug-In - VIESUS™ image enhancement. On the pop-up screen click "License Activation...". In the following "License Activation" screen you have to enter the Code that was send to you, after your purchase of the VIESUS™ Plug-In. 

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