Zeinab Hashemi
18th of August
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Viesus automatic skin tone correction

Adjusting the camera settings such as white balance, exposure, and spot meter to achieve the natural skin tone is a part of professional photography.

Of course, the skin tone can be adjusted and fixed during the post-production process, but it takes some time because the editor should play with the exposure, white balance, and HSL ( Hue, Saturation, Luminance) to achieve the desired skin tone.

The skin tone is adjusted using Adobe® Photoshop® software.

But what about non-professional photographers taking photos with their mobile phones or compact cameras in JPEG mode?

There are for sure lots of options for these photographers too.
There are some applications that automatically correct or change the skin tone.

When the light source is behind the person's face in a photo, or if this is a photo of a party or bar or wherever with poor lightings, it is probable that the skin is over-saturated. It is not ideal if the enhancement software decreases the saturation of the whole image. Maybe there are some items in the image we don't want to de-saturate or we are satisfied with the high saturated colors of everything but the faces, So the photo enhancer needs to detect the skin areas first.

Viesus, as an automatic photo enhancer, has a very accurate skin tone correction embedded in its algorithm. A newly added skin tone adjustment feature on Viesus or “Natural Skin Enhancement” allows an automated de-saturation of oversaturated faces. First, Viesus searches for what is considered to be the skin. Then, after detecting the colors on the skin, it enhances them to reach the best result for the skin tone.

In the photo below you can see how the skin tone looks red because of the dark environment and reflections. Viesus can recognize the skin and the tone of it anf make sure that it has the correct color range.

Viesus detects the skin automatically and normalizes its tone

Try it yourself for free at Viesus Cloud!

It is important to know that Viesus does this correction in a blink of an eye alongside all other needed enhancements such as brightness and contrast correction, sharpening, artifact removal, red-eye correction, etc. Furthermore, the whole process takes place fully automatically and unsupervised.

The success rate of Viesus is 99.99 % accurate, which means the chance of incorrect adjusting for the skin tone is rare.

Original photo
Enhanced by Viesus
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