Raphael Schwirtlich
30th of August

Viesus AI Upscaling wins PRINTING United Pinnacle Award

Dielsdorf, Zürich – 28.08.2023 – Viesus, the industry leader in automatic image enhancement software, is thrilled to announce that its AI Upscaling solution has been honored with the PRINTING United Alliance Pinnacle Award 2023 in the category “Non-Output”. This award, presented by the PRINTING United Alliance, recognizes groundbreaking technologies that are driving the print industry forward.

Open to all PRINTING United Alliance supplier members, the Pinnacle Product Award competition evaluates products that will be available for sale in 2023. A highly qualified panel of judges across the printing industry evaluated the annual contest’s 160+ entries in more than 58 categories spanning analog, digital, output, and non-output technologies.

Viesus AI Upscaling is a solution that leverages artificial intelligence to increase the size and printable resolution of an image, while still retaining the natural characteristics of the original image. The solution is particularly impactful for the print industry as it enables the upscaling of low-resolution images for large format printing.

The key features of Viesus AI Upscaling include:

  • AI Upscaling: Increases the size and printable resolution of an image.
  • AI Facial Reconstruction: Employs generative artificial intelligence to restore facial details in upscaled images to achieve a higher level of image quality and better looking results.
  • AI Artifacts Removal: Restores compressed images by removing compression artifacts, such as pixelation and blocking. The restored image shows smoother color gradients and cleaner edges.
AI Upscaling improves the printable resolution of an image.
AI Facial Reconstruction fills in facial details in the upscaled image.
AI Artifact Removal restores compressed images with and without upscaling.

Our AI Upscaling is doing more than just making prints better—it is actually cutting down on customer complaints, as we have heard back from reputable companies that already use Viesus AI Upscaling on a daily basis. Plus, image upscaling provides new opportunities for printing companies to sell larger print sizes and accept a wider range of images, even ones that used to be considered too low-quality for printing.” says Servi Pieters, Product Lead of Viesus, “We are really proud to have our AI Upscaling technology recognized with this award—it shows that the effort we put into improving print quality is making a difference.

One of the things I like best about our competition is that it is juried, and judges are basing their decisions on objective criteria. And with outstanding entries like Viesus, they had their work cut out for them,” said Dawn Nye, Program Manager Pinnacle Awards, PRINTING United Alliance.

"The Pinnacle Technology Award competition represents the entry that is “truly innovative and likely to have a significant impact” among commercial hardware, software, consumables, and industrial and screen equipment,” Nye said. “Congratulations to all the winners.

For more information about Viesus and its award-winning AI Upscaling technology, visit www.viesus.com.

About Viesus

Viesus is the leading fully automatic image enhancement software for the photo, print and digital media industry - used on tens of millions of images each day.

Viesus provides features for the automatic analysis, color correction, upscaling and repair of images, which improve the visual appearance of every image in a consistent and natural way. As an industry grade software, Viesus is specifically designed to refine large volumes of images in the fast and unattended, high-quality processing workflows of small, medium and large sized companies.

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