Servi Pieters
18th of November

The world's longest passenger train rolled on the UNESCO World Heritage narrow-gauge line

Copyright by Schmidli


  • World record longest passenger train on one of the world's most scenic railway lines in Switzerland.
  • Photos of the event were being shot from a helicopter and delivered to news outlets within 40 seconds.
  • Viesus and Swiss-image provide services to deliver fast and high quality photos for news outlets.

Where was the Guinnes World Record of the longest passenger train attempt?

The Rhaetian Railway RhB's world record attempt with the world's longest passenger train started on Saturday (October 29, 2022) in the Albula Tunnel in Grisons. 25 four-car Capricorn multiple units ensured a train length of 1910 meters. With up to 35 km/h and 7 locomotive drivers, the passenger train rolled in the upper Albula valley towards Bergün and the Landwasser viaduct. There the Guinness world record of the longest passenger train was achieved! Thousands of train enthusiasts und spectators followed the train drive in the narrow Alpine valley near St. Moritz.

Report by CNN with Viesus enhanced image.

Who provided the photos?

Swiss-Image photogapher Philipp Schmidli shot the best photos of the world record from the helicopter. Another freelance photographer took photographs from the ground for the long-time partner Rhaetische Bahn. Thanks to its own image communication system "LiveImage" and the image optimization software "Viesus", the pictures from the helicopter were available online and at many Swiss editorial offices after only 40 seconds. After that, the pictures of the red train in the autumnal lark forest of the Albula valley went around the world in classic media, TV stations and social media. 23,000 times the photos were uploaded online from the Swiss Image Base - a record number in the 25-year history of Swiss-Image. almost all international picture agencies took over the record images and distributed them to their customers. Many TV stations showed the video images from Blick TV in their news broadcasts. Several hundred million people around the globe may have seen the photos and TV images of the unusual world record attempt.

Report by Business Insider with Viesus enhanced image.

What's the role of Viesus for Swiss-Image?

The photographer was taking photos from the helicopter. Via a 5G module connected with his camera, he had uploaded and enhanced the images to the Swiss-Image database within seconds. It's common practise for photographers to manually edit their work before handing it over to news agencies. In this case, the photos were at the news stations before the helicopter landed.

The high quality images are delivered faster to news outlets and save time for the photographer as well.

Report by NZ Heraldnz with Viesus enhanced image.