Servi Pieters
5th of August
Customer Success Story

LiveImage: A cloud workflow that speeds up photo publication to editorial offices

Crossing the finish line and within seconds on the frontpage of a news website. That's what Swiss-Image makes possible for photographers and news agencies with LiveImage. This requires the latest technologies such as 5G and reliable automation software to process the photos unattended. In the cloud workflow, full IPTC captions are automatically added to the JPEGs. The photographer uses the responsive version of the MomaPIX media database on his smartphone to choose the pre-set captions. A top automatic image enhancer should not be missing from this solution, so Swiss-Image went looking.

How Swiss-Image works

For the CEO of Swiss Image, Andy Mettler, Quality was the key requirement when searching for an image enhancer. The quality of the photos for news agencies must be perfect, ready for publication right away. Here, Viesus immediately fulfilled the expectations: "Super natural and clear enhancement, with excellent skin tones - just wow!" was his first reaction after testing.

Event photo not enhanced.
Event photo enhanced by Viesus.

For the implementation of Viesus, the FolderEnhancer standalone application was used. The photos are retrieved from a hotfolder, enhanced and saved back to a destination folder so it can immediately continue in the process, all in seconds. Total implementation time is better expressed in minutes rather than hours, within an hour it was working. And also with the processing speed of 20 megapixels per second, it fits perfectly into LiveImage overall solution.

No more last minute or rushed photo editing is necessary. Photos are automatically edited as they should be. Photos that are already fine are recognized by Viesus and hardly touched. No standard filters or standard enhancements are applied, photos are not "destroyed" or over-enhanced, 99.95% sure.

Another advantage is that LiveImage provides photos for print and online media. Print where Viesus has traditionally been strong and in recent years also tailored to digital media.

News agencies are benefitting from better photos through Swiss-Image.

Also want better photos? We are happy to advice.