Servi Pieters
2nd of August

Evening hike on the ridge of a mountain, beautiful but difficult light for photos.

Last weekend was an extra long weekend in Switzerland because on Aug. 1 the Swiss National Day is celebrated. That gave us a chance to do a longer hike on Sunday evening so we'd have better lighting conditions for great photos.

The Stoos ridge hike trail goes from Klingenstock to Fronalpstock. A fun fact is that to reach Stoos you first take the steepest funicular train in the world, from there you can start the hike.

If you do the hike a little later in the day you can walk it with the sun in your face. Which is fine of course but less ideal for photos.

This is what a photo looks like with a DSLR, you can see that the camera is having trouble taking this photo. Then if you don't have a tripod with you and are not an expert with the camera, it becomes difficult to take photos at that time.

Original photo taken with Fujifilm X-T2

Because of the sun, the photo overall is not well exposed. As a result, it casts too much shadow over the mountain, and the vegetation looks dull. Only the sky looks fairly decent.

Photo enhanced by Viesus

Viesus analyzes the image so that appropriate enhancement steps can then be applied. Since the sky looks fairly decent in the original photo, Viesus does little enhancement in this area. Fortunately, it does improve the overall brightness and makes the vegetation look alive again, as it was in reality.

Not everyone has the time for individual photo editing, or has the knowledge for photo editing. That's why most photo printing companies use Viesus, so that consumer photos without photo editing are automatically enhanced.

Canvas print without Viesus
Canvas print with Viesus

With Viesus, you no longer have to go through the process of photo editing yourself. You can trust that the automatic image enhancement by Viesus will ensure a more beautiful memory as a photograph. That's valuable when you order a more expensive photo product like a canvas wall decoration.

Inquire today and have it implemented tomorrow with our flexible Cloud or On-Premise solutions, ensuring you always have the most optimal photo.

In the end, we were not back in Stoos until 9:30 pm...

The village of Stoos at sunset, with the Grosse and Kleine Mythen in the background. Enhanced by Viesus. Shot on Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max - Telephoto Lens.