David Santer, Viesus, Imaging Solutions AG
David Santer
9th of February
Partner Integration

Kodak Professional DP2 software is now featuring connection to Viesus

Viesus software by Imaging Solutions AG, is an automated image enhancement algorithm and now integrates seamlessly with Kodak Professional - DP2 latest version launched today!

Viesus is the image enhancer used by photo labs around the world. It improves without supervision millions of photo prints per day. At the request of labs, we have integrated Viesus into DP2, so they can now also easily use our algorithm in their workflow.

Introduction: What is Kodak DP2 Software?

DP2 is the market recognized professional lab software providing powerful, proven features and performance to professional labs around the world. At every stage of your lab’s workflow, DP2 ensures smooth interactions and performance at peak efficiency. From scanning and image file importing, through manipulation, printing, storage and beyond, Kodak’s flexible and scalable approach provides the tools your lab needs to deliver superior image quality, productivity, and innovation.

What makes the Viesus integration in DP2 unique?

Now the DP2 lab software can enhance images in a fast and accurate way. It is integrated with a scalable image enhancement algorithm. This algorithm is integrated securely and does not require any manual intervention.

The software can process an image in less than a second. It also provides the user with the option to choose the desired level of enhancements and save these depending on the situation and needs.

What are the benefits?

  • Viesus does all the photo editing for you, with the possibility for manual adjustments when desired.
  • Optimize Viesus profiles to your liking.
  • Enhancements are optimized for printing.
  • Keep your images safe and secure on the same server or workstation.
  • Easy to set up.

Contact us and try the convenience of our algorithm.

Start enjoying the benefits of Viesus today!