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8th of November
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Cutting 99% of manual color correction costs with automation

Maximizing Efficiency with Viesus: A New Era in Image Processing for Professional Photo Studios

In the dynamic realm of professional photography, achieving a perfect blend of speed and quality in image processing is critical. Photo studios, beset with the challenge of delivering impeccable visual content rapidly, are discovering a powerful ally in Viesus™ - Automatic Image Enhancement.

Viesus is redefining the workflows of professional photo studios by making the process of delivering high quality photos faster, more cost-effective and simply superior to traditional manual correction workflows.

The Expense of Traditional Color Correction

Consider a bustling photo studio with an annual load of 60,000 images, traditionally spending about €45,000 on a full-time color correction specialist for primary color correction and subsequent color grading.

The manual method, involving painstaking hours of technical color correction work, not only incurs significant labor costs but also limits the studio to refining a maximum of 230 images per workday and color correction specialist, given that the color specialist can make primary corrections and add color grading in a lightning-fast 2 minutes per image.

This meticulous, time-consuming labor costs the studio roughly €0.75 for each photo—a significant expenditure in the long run.

By leveraging Viesus Automatic Image Enhancement in the overall color correction workflow, color specialists can now focus solely on the creative joy of color grading, leaving primary corrections to a fast and efficient automatic batch process.

The Viesus Difference: Efficiency and Savings

With the integration of Viesus, the time for primary photo corrections plummets to an astonishing 0.3 seconds per photo.

For a yearly total of 60,000 pictures, Viesus trims the total correction time to an unbelievable 5 hours per year, drastically reducing expenses to just €0.0067 per image, courtesy of a €4,000 annual license valid for up to 700,000 images.

The original, underexposed source image.
The image with primary color correction applied by Viesus.

Benefits at a Glance: Manual Correction vs. Viesus Automation

The contrasts between manual image correction and an automatic process couldn’t be starker:

  • Speed: Viesus delivers corrections at speeds unimaginable before—40,000% faster than manual editing.
  • Cost: The cost per image with Viesus is a mere fraction of traditional costs—a dramatic decrease by 99%.

Scalability for Growth

As photo studios expand, so do their image processing needs. The manual approach quickly becomes unsustainable, whereas Viesus stands out with its remarkable scalability. Even when image counts reach the hundreds of thousands, Viesus remains unfazed, promising the same efficiency and quality without the escalating costs.

A Future-Proof Solution

Viesus doesn’t just supplement the traditional color correction workflow; it completely transforms it.

Offering unparalleled time and cost savings, Viesus allows photo studios to surge ahead, meeting their high-volume image processing demands while ensuring top-notch quality.


Viesus is a transformative solution that offers unmatched speed, economy, and quality for color correction. It’s more than an efficiency booster—it’s a strategic advantage for any photo studio looking to outpace competition and elevate their profitability.

Make the switch to Viesus™ for a significant upgrade to your photo studio’s color correction process.

Visit www.viesus.com for insights on revolutionizing your workflow with our cutting-edge automatic image enhancement tools, such as automatic color correction and AI Upscaling as well as dedicated portrait features for adaptive cropping and background handling.

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